ftOS X
A big step up
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ftOS by FTiOS Team

- Founded in November 20th, 2016 by FTiOS Team
- FTiOS is a short word from Forever Toward iOS which mean we keep going forward of iOS forever
- App consists of a lot of features like ftStore, firmware info, specs, and more
- Supported by Framework7
Members of FTiOS Team

Quang Anh
Customize ftOS interface

It's not just a normal app, ftOS allows you to customize ftOS interface as you like
Detailed devices specifications

ftOS provides latest detailed Apple devices specification info without wasting your time search on internet
Latest firmware info

ftOS provides latest, the most simple, fastest firmware info so that you can aware of software updates
ftStore - Giant app store

With ftStore, you can access thousands of apps and some apps which are not on App Store
ftOS VIP - No more revokes, request apps freely

With a reasonable price for everyone for ftOS VIP(*), you can use apps without worrying of revoking, and you can request apps freely as you like
(*) ftOS VIP is a paid service, buy VIP plan in Account tab

ftBlog - Catch up FTiOS and iOS info fast

With ftBlog(*) integrated in ftOS, you can catch up with latest and fastest FTiOS and ftOS news.
(*) ftBlog is only available in Vietnamese

ftCydia - Get latest tweak info from ftCydia repo without opening Cydia

With ftCydia in ftOS, you can get latest tweak info on ftCydia repo without opening Cydia.
Universal search

You can use Search tab to search for all apps and post in ftStore and ftBlog(*)
(*) ftBlog is only available in Vietnamese


You have feedbacks, expression or ideas then you can comment into ftStore and share it to everyone
Manage ftOS account

You can comfortably manage your ftOS account, buy VIP plan right in ftOS account.