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ftBlog Version
ftBlog 6.0
ftBlog 5.0
- Brand new UI with advanced features with the intergration of FTiOS account.
- Navigation bar now has search button and account menu.
- Added left Sidebar to contain account info and categories menu.
- Homepage now displays latest posts, ftBlog and ftCydia.
- Added Firmware page to download iOS ipsw for iOS devices.
ftBlog 4.0
- Added featured posts.
- Updated new UI in sidebar
- Added Categories menu
ftBlog 3.1
- Fix interface for high resolution PC.
- Intergrate FTiOS account management in ftBlog.
- Added English support.
ftBlog 3.0
- Redesigned navigation bar for easier to distinguish, more stable.
- Fix the categories disappearing from menu bar.
- The widget title in Sidebar now has a bottom border.
- Taking advantages of bigger screen, our team has designed the post with left thumbnail, with author, posted date and categories.
- For mobile interface, it will stay the same with some improvements: The thumbnail won't be covered by the info bar, and added author and posted date.
- The categories box in posts is bolder.
ftBlog 2.0
- Brand new exclusive interface: Simple, beautiful, non-confusing, easy to distinguish, follow the current trend.
- The posts, staic navigation bar has blur effect (Blur effect is available on Safari on iOS 9.3, OS X El Capitan and later).
- The title is distinguished by color and line.
- The title now has current date above it.
- The interface is 100% under control so we can fix bugs and update in the future.
ftBlog 1.0
- Introduction to website